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Case Study

Red Hat

Global tech giant Red Hat used Make to create an engaging photobooth element for their online user conference. With more than 20,000 renders over 2 summits, Make helped the company garner brand reach and community connection with very little spend and developer time.

IndustryIT/Open source software
Customer since2021
ObjectiveEvent engagement
Use CaseRendered photo booth images

The challenge

Red Hat holds an annual global conference, Red Hat Summit usually sitting around the 10,000 in person attendee mark. But, in 2020, this escalated to 56,000 virtual attendees. With the COVID-19 pandemic becoming increasingly concerning in early 2020, Red Hat decided within just 6 weeks of their major event of the year that instead of pushing their conference back - they’d pivot to online (well before video conference fatigue was a real thing!) and got cracking. But, their marketing team, with limited time, had to think of an interesting way to engage and delight delegates.

The solution

As the leader of enterprise open source solutions, there was a certain level of expectation for the organisation to, as Jessica Burkitt, Red Hat’s Associate Manager in Corporate and Culture says, “to walk the walk”. So with the help of the wider team, who had already been introduced to, they came up with the concept of a “photobooth”.

“Being open source leaders we wanted to create a social sharing opportunity and generate organic engagement and for people to share the message on their social channels,” she says. “With Make’s help it came together quickly.”

Together with Make, a “code” overlay of actual Red Hat code was procured and was overlaid on all 17,000 renders produced by the photobooth, which were then shared on participants’ social networks. The code theme ran through all material in the campaign. “It was a massive success,” Jessica explains. “It was a sleeper hit of Summit and it was so fun because it was such a low investment, so much so we’ve kept it on post-event as it gets such great engagement.” She admits in April 2020, online events weren’t the “norm” and it was a novelty at the time. “It was a fun and creative way to get people engaged in a virtual environment”.

Make is able to produce personalized media for a variety of experiences and is able to scale. Most recently at the 2021 Red Hat Summit, following a “What kind of contributor are you?” quiz, the photobooth rendered the answer over a picture of attendees. And, internally, the photobooth idea is a hit with employees using it to spread the word of diversity, inclusion and equality. There’s been a photobooth for Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as Black History Month. “It’s become a popular concept at Red Hat,” Jessica says.

The future

Red Hat plans to continue to use for future events. Outside of this use case,they’re also planning to use it as part of a new campaign that aims to support upstream coding communities titled “Contributor Link”. The driving force behind the new community is to showcase and connect non-developer contributors to open code projects. “There are many ways that open source communities need your help even if you don’t code. For example, someone who is a visual contributor that can help with branding and logo design and website design or, someone like me, who's more of a communicator who can support things like writing content or project management,” says Jessica. In addition, there’s plans within Red Hat’s marketing operations team to utilize Make to support an “always on” social media campaign. Make can support producing data from the company’s CMS and turning it into social tiles automatically.

Where to from here?

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