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Case Study

Pluss Communities

With Make, Pluss Communities enhanced the offering of their award-winning community engagement software apps, reduced production time by 75% and empowered team members.

“Make allowed us to go into far more depth within the communities and organisations we were makes us instantly retail ready,” - Martin Smee, CEO, Pluss Communities.

IndustrySaaS servicing primarily aged care & retirement living
Customer since2021
CTOs key highlightsCEO’s key highlightsDeveloper’s key highlight
Developers up, running and rendering in less than 1 hourApp production time reduced by 75%Web to PDF output actually rendered as expected, unlike other solutions on the market
Allowed my devs to feel empowered, without the need for complex architecturesOne person can own the product experience from development right to App Store/ Google Play store placement, meaning less staffUsing React made it simple to create
Confidence to build branded solutions with high brand fidelity fastCustomers were more satisfied with the company’s additional capability

The challenge

Pluss Communities creates low code apps for communities that don't have a full development team or capabilities to invest in custom app development. Primarily serving the aged care and retirement living communities, their apps engage communities and their families in communications and the goings-on within the village or facility.

Many of these communities cater to older residents that are accustomed to printed material such as daily activities lists or newsletters. And while Pluss Communities’ app uptake is high, their customers saw the power of the app and requested further functionality to print some of their communication materials.

It became clear that to keep customers happy Pluss Communities would need to expand their offering to meet the segment’s growing requirement for PDFs and printed materials.

The solution

Developers understand the plight that web-to-PDF functionality can cause. This is where Make came to the rescue, in more ways than their CTO Thorbjorn Hansen anticipated.

After reading the blog on how to make a PDF with React and, Thor went straight in and started to create his own template.

“I still am very impressed with how smooth that whole setup process was,” he says. “It was incredibly easy and I wasn't forced to spend three days before I had any sort of output. I was literally generating content within an hour.”

He says the ability to use React to create content was an absolute game-changer.

“I think I was probably still a bit skeptical at the start because I've seen other things where, sure, you get your cookie cutter templates and you can do whatever, but is it really going to solve anything for us? And it wasn't until I could sort of see the blog example that it really hit me - I can create my own templates with this.”

Since implementing Make into Pluss Communities’ workflow, they’ve used the tool to help:

  • Reduce time to market by auto generating “App-store” mockup images required by Apple and Google Play to have apps in the app store.
  • Reduce staff costs by no longer needing a graphic designer to mock up app store imagery
  • Create PDF newsletters and posters for their communities with a click-of a button

“We're building our templates exactly how we would build our website or how we would build our app, so it's very familiar for our devs,” - Thor Hansen, CTO, Pluss Communities.

Phillip Suh, Senior Software Engineer at Pluss Communities also says the tools empower him and compared finding to the first time he learnt of payment solution Stripe.

“The feeling was similar to the time when I first came across Stripe. There were more powerful payment services out there but Stripe empowered the developers and gave the speed and confidence they needed to build payment solutions, I think Make has done the same for us,” he says in regards to Make’s web to print API.

“We are a developer-centric team and it gave us the confidence to build branded solutions with high brand fidelity fast.”

The future

While Make has already enhanced Pluss Communities’ service offering to the market, as well as reduced costs and time to market, there’s so much more they want to explore with the API tool, including how they can tackle adjacent work loads without the need for prescribed rendering services.

Where to from here?

To understand the power of Make’s API sign up for free with Github and get 300 free generation credits on us.

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