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Never feel alone again, Teams to the rescue!

Written by James Lee

Published on Mar 11, 2021

No longer should you be all alone in the Make app! Invite your coworkers - collaborate, test and observe together.

Team is a great way to organize various spaces for different types of templates and work environments. Teams allows you to do the following:

  • Create a new team (for each new team you must subscribe to a plan)
  • Add users to your team
  • Remove users from a team (who don't own the team)
  • Import templates into specific teams
teams switcher

Speaking from personal experience I have a range of teams that I'm a part of in Make and it's making my life SOO much easier:

  • James's Default Team: This was originally created for me and I use this team for template testing and personal projects
  • I've invited the whole Make team into this account and this is where we house all Make specific implementations.
  • Client teams: We work with a range of clients on their specific template endpoints. In their own respective teams they can observe and test their templates.

How to get started

Inviting a coworker to your team

To get started with Teams sign into Make and go to the Team Settings () page and invite a new Team member to your team.

invite user

Creating a new team

To create a new team click on the team selector dropdown (shown at the top) and click Create New Team or click here.

Just note that you must have an active plan or pack on that new team.

For more information check out the docs resource.

For any questions, feedback or support please reach out to us on Twitter and drop us a message.